Wellington Industrial Precint DBAR_Jan-Feb 2018


Appendix A - Locality Map
Appendix A_Locality Map

Appendix B - Site Plan
Appendix B_Site Plan

Appendix C - Site Photographs
Appendix C_Site Photographs

Appendix D - Biodiversity Overlay Map
Appendix D_Biodiversity Overlay Map

Appendix E - Permits Licences Service Letters
Appendix E(i)_Electrical Confirmation Capacity Letter
Appendix E(ii)_Water and Sewer Capacity
Appendix E(iii)_ Solid Waste Capacity
Appendix E(iv)_HWC Response to NID
Appendix E(v)_Water Use Licence Application

Appendix F - Public Participation Process
Appendix F(i)_Database of Identified IAPs
Appendix F(ii)_Notification Letter re postapp DBAR
Appendix F(iii)_Focus Group Meeting with Adjacent Landowners
Appendix F(iv)_Focus Group Meeting with Key Stakeholders
Appendix F(v)_Placement of Advertisment
Appendix F(vi)_Noticeboard placed on site
Appendix F(vii)_Comments Responses Report
Appendix F(viii)_Original Comments
Appendix F(ix)_Open House

Appendix G - Specialist Reports
Appendix G(i)_Freshwater assessment Wellington Industrial Park Nov17
Appendix G(ii)_Botanical Assessment Report-Wellington Industrial Park
Appendix G(iii)_Visual Impact Assessment_Wellington
Appendix G(iv)_Traffic Impact Assesssment Wellington Industrial Park Extension
Appendix G(v)_Services Report

Appendix H - Environmental Management Programme
Appendix H_Environmental Management Programme

Appendix I - Methodology for determining significance
Appendix I_Methodology for determining significance

Appendix J - Authority Correspondence_21 December 2016
Appendix J_Authority Correspondence_21 December 2016

Appendix L - Stormwater Management Plan
Appendix L_Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix K - CVs
Appendix K(i)_Sadia Chand Chand CV 2017
Appendix K(ii)_Marielle Penwarden Chand CV 2017

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