Chand operates as a fully functional environmental and sustainability unit. The company has well established relationships with specialist sub-consultants across the social, biophysical, planning and legal spheres. On project inception, Chand ensures that the appropriate specialist team is appointed to promote a balanced approach to development issues.

The company’s capabilities include:

  • Design Phase:
    • Environmental Impact Assessments (User-Friendly Guide to EIA Regulations)
    • Land-Use Planning and Pre-Feasibility Analysis
    • Opportunities and Constraints Analysis
    • Alternative Site Analyses
    • Strategic Environmental Assessment
    • Sustainability Analysis
    • Best Practice Design Criteria/Alignment with Green Building Standards
    • Peer review of environmental work

  • Construction Phase and Pre-Operation:
    • Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)
    • Environmental Monitoring of Construction Activities
    • Construction Closure Audits
  • Operational Phase:
    • Environmental Management Systems using ISO 14000 and Green Globe
    • Auditing of company operations
    • Risk Assessments including legal registers
    • Sustainability Reporting
  • Public Participation and Conflict Resolution:
    • Stakeholder engagement for statutory processes
    • Conflict resolution on controversial projects
    • Strategic communication methodologies
    • Media Liaison
  • Environmental Education Seminars
    • Seminars for Labourers on Construction sites
    • Seminars for Corporate Management
    • Seminars for the workforce in companies
    • Seminars for Authorities
  • Policy and Guidelines:
    • Setting policy and guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Planning and Public Participation
  • Lecturing
    • Lecturing on Environmental Impact Assessment and Public Participation at University level

Green Star Accreditation
Two of Chand's consultants are Green Star South Africa (SA) Accredited Professionals, as developed by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) As such, they can assist a project team with the integration of Green Star's aims and processes throughout the design and construction phases of a project, with the ultimate aim of providing a sustainable development.

Software for the Management of Environmental Management Systems
As a specialised service to our clients wishing to promote long term environmental solutions to their businesses, Chand, in association with Morris Environmental and Groundwater Alliance and Artefact Consulting, have created a software programme call EOS; an environmental operating system that simplifies the implementation of ISO 14000, and Green Globe

EOS is groundbreaking in its approach and has proven to be an asset in companies with respect to minimising risk, assisting with documentation control and managing environmental impacts.

On-line demonstrations can be arranged for the testing of EOS.

Addressing the Water Crisis: Authorisations made Easy

With the water crisis emerging as a big issue in Cape Town, many businesses have opted to go off the grid completely or partially. If you are contemplating this action for yourself or you have clients who are considering this, here is what you need to know:

Is an Environmental Impact Assessment required?

The good news is that the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning have issued a directive in terms of Section 30A of NEMA which essentially waives the need for the environmental process for projects related to the implementation of interventions to address the current water supply shortage emergency situation. This could include for example:

  • Abstraction of water;
  • Diversion of natural spring water;
  • De-salination;
  • Re-use of wastewater
If your business was ever considering any of these interventions for the short or long term, you can proceed now without having to undertake a full environmental process. The Department only requires that you have considered environmental impacts and that this is documented in a short report and that the City of Cape Town's environmental monitoring requirements be implemented.

What other permits are needed?
There are other permits required depending on the following: how much water is required; the source of the water; the treatment process required; and the proposed end use of the water. Below is a table that summarises the various permits that may need to be attained:




Potable water for business use

Water Services Intermediary Application

City of Cape Town

Water use for commercial purposes (e.g. groundwater abstraction via borehole) of less than 10 cubic metres/day

General Authorisation

Department of Water and Sanitation

Water use of more than 10 cubic meters/day or abstraction within 500 meters of a watercourse (including wetlands and the sea)

Water Use Licence Application

Department of Water and Sanitation

Sinking a borehole

Borehole Installation Application & Registration

City of Cape Town

Discharge of effluent from filtration processes

Discharge Permit

City of Cape Town

Discharge of effluent into the sea

Coastal Waters Discharge Permit

Department of Environmental Affairs

We can help

Chand has assisted a number of properties in acquiring the required permits. These applications have proven to be an intense exercise as the authorities are having to process large volumes of applications. Our team is well versed in the processes required, and we have built relationships with the key parties in the various departments. As such, we are able to navigate the requirements with greater ease and better efficiency.

Of special note is that we have assisted the Southern Sun Newlands in being the first hotel in Cape Town to go off the grid completely. The Westin Hotel is also operating a Reverse Osmosis Plant with all their required permits in place. These achievements attracted the attention of Carte Blanche and CNN. Chand was interviewed by CNN.

CNN Film Shoot

Carte Blanch Film Shoot

We also have established relationships with credible service providers to support the geohydrological assessments needed, and technical professionals who can create the necessary filtration processes for achieving the SANS 241 standard for potable water.
If you need assistance, call us for a telephonic consultation, where after we can generate a quote specific to your needs.

By the way…
Do you know the difference between a pump test and a blow test?.....We do!

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