King David post app BAR_Nov2017

King David Comment Sheet


Appendices A Locality Map
Appendix A-Locality Map

Appendices B Site Plan (Preferred and Alternative)
Appendix B(i)_Alternative 1 Layout
Appendix B(ii)_Alternative 2 Layout
Appendix B(iii)_Alternative 2b Layout

Appendices C Site Photographs
Appendix C-Site Photographs

Appendices D Biodiversity
Appendix D-Biodiversity Overlay Map

Appendices E Permits Licenses Capacity confirmation
Appendix E(i)_Elect Capacity Confirmation
Appendix E(ii)_Bulkwater and sewer
Annexure E(iii)_Refuse-Solid Waste Management_DBAR King David Development
Appendix E(iv)_NID HWC Response June 2017
Appendix E(v)_WULA Submission proof
Appendix E(vi)_Concept Approval letter for Stormwater

Appendices F PPP
Appendix F(i)(a)_List of Potential IAPs
Appendix F(i)(b)_List of Registered IAPs
Appendix F(ii)(a)_Pre-application Notifcation
Appendix F(ii)(b)_Erratum to pre-application BAR
Appendix F(ii)(c)_Public review of post-application Draft BAR
Appendix F(iii)_Background Information Document and delivery proof
Appendix F(iv)_Advertisement placed and proof thereof
Appendix F(v)_Noticeboard on site and photographic proof
Appendix F(vi)(a)_Meeting with Redefine-18 August
Appendix F(vi)(b)_Meeting with Redefine-1 Sept 2017
Appendix F(vii)_Original Comments on pre-applcation Draft BAR
King David CRR post app FINAL 10Nov

Appendices G Specialist Reports
Appendix G(i)_Botanical Assessment
Appendix G(ii)_Freshwater Impact Assessment
Appendix G(iii)_Heritge_Notification of Intent to Develop
Appendix G(iv)_Hydropedology and Wetland Identification Report
Appendix G(v)_Sub_surface Assessment
Appendix G(vi)_Stormwater Management Plan
Appendix G(vii)_Traffic Impact Assessment
Appendix G(viii)_Services Report
Appendix G(ix)_Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix G(x)_Electricity Engineering Report

Appendices H Draft EMP
Appendix H_King David EMPr

Appendices I Methodology for determining significance
Appendix I-Methodology for determining significance

Appendices J DEADP Acknowledgement of NOI
Appendix J(i)_Acknowledgement of NOI
Appendix J(ii)_Acknowledgement of Pre-application Draft BAR

Appendices K CV's
Appendix K(i)-Sadia Chand Chand CV 2017
Appendix K(ii)-Marielle Penwarden Chand CV 2017
Appendix K(iii)-Maura Talbot

Appendices L Signed landowner consent Redefine
Appendix L_Signed landowner consent Redefine

Appendices M Draft Design Guidelines
Appendix M_Draft Design Guidelines

Appendices N Draft Landscaping Plan
Appendix N_Draft Landscaping Plan

Appendices O Zoning Proof
Appendix O_Zoning Proof

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