Houmoed Ave Phase 1_FINAL BAR_Aug 2019


Appendix A-Curriculum Vitae
Sadia Chand CV
Ingrid Eggert CV

Appendix B-Locality Plan
Appendix B-Locality plan

Appendix C-Property Information
Appendix C-Property Information

Appendix D-Site Photographs
Appendix D-Site photographs

Appendix E-Site Plans
Appendix E-Site Plans

Appendix F-Route Co-Ordinates
Appendix F-Route co-ordinates

Appendix G_Specialist Reports
Appendix G(i)_Houmoed Extension Phase 1_Freshwater Impact Assessment
Appendix G(ii)_Houmoed Extension Ph 1 Botanical Impact Assessment
Appendix G(iii)(a)_Houmoed Extension Ph1_Heritage Initial NID 1
Appendix G(iii)(b)_Houmoed Extension Ph1__Heritage subsequent NID 2
Appendix G(iv)_Houmoed Avenue Phase 1_Transport Impact Assessment
Appendix G(v)_Houmoed Avenue Phase 1_Faunal Impact Assessment
Appendix G(vi)_Houmoed Ext Ph1_Visual Impact Statement
Appendix G(vii)_Houmoed Extension, Ph1_Noise Impact Report FINAL
Appendix G(viii)_Houmoed Extension Ph1_Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix H_Public Participation Process
Appendix H(i)_List of Registered Interested and Affected Parties
Appendix H(ii)(a)_Initial Notification to Potential IAPs
Appendix H(ii)(b)_Notification of the draft Basic Assessment Report
Appendix H(ii)(c)_Notification of PR of Revised Draft BAR_
Appendix H(ii)(d)_Notification of Extension of PR
Appendix H(ii)(e)_Notification of 2nd Revised draft BAR
Appendix H(ii)(f)_Notification of Herpetology Feedback
Appendix H(ii)(g)_Not to Mr John Lijnes re 2nd Revised Draft BAR
Appendix H(ii)(h)_Notification of Withdrawal of BAR
Appendix H(ii)(i)_Notification of New DBAR_May 2019
Appendix H(iii)(a)_One-on-One Meetings
Appendix H(iii)(b)_Focus Group Meetings
Appendix H(iii)(c)_Focus Group Meeting with Lake Michelle Residents
Appendix H(iii)(d)_FGM with Wildevoelvlei Forum
Appendix H(iii)(e)_CLMs Kom Rd Ou Kaapse Weg
Appendix H(iv)_Original comments
Appendix H(v)(a)_Placement of Advertisement-False Bay Echo
Appendix H(v)(b)_Placement of Advertisement_new DBAR
Appendix H(vi)(a)_Noticeboard placed and photographic proof
Appendix H(vi)(b)_Noticeboard and proof of new DBAR
Appendix H(vii)_Background Information Document
Appendix H(viii)_Comments Reports Report
Appendix H(ix)(a)_HWC Initial Response on NID 1
Appendix H(ix)(b)_HWC Subsequent Response on NID 2
Appendix H(x)_Open House

Appendix I-Biodiversity Overlay Map
Appendix I-Biodiversity overlay map

Appendix J_Environmental Mamagement Programme (EMPr)
Appendix J EMPr

Appendix K-Methodology for Determining Significance
Appendix K-Methodology for Determining Significance

Appendix L_Electricity Capacity Confirmation
Appendix L_Electricity Capacity Confirmation

Appendix M_Water Use Licence Application (WULA)
Appendix M_Water Use Licence Application (WULA)

Appendix N_Proof of WULA submission to DWS
Appendix N_Proof of WULA submission to DWS

Appendix O_Application Form_Houmoed Phase1_May 2019
Appendix O_DEADP_Application Form_Houmoed Phase 1_14 May 2019
Appendix A_Property List
Appendix B_Locality plan
Appendix C_Project Programme
Appendix D(a)_Heritage Western Cape NID
Appendix D(b)_NID Response

Appendix P_Herpetologist opinion
Appendix P_Herpetologist opinion

Appendix Q_Formal Meetings with Authorities
Appendix Q(i)_Minutes_Pre-submission meeting DEADP and DWS Dec 2016
Appendix Q(ii)_Key notes_Meeting DEADP prior to final submission of

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