Chand Environmental Consultants (Chand) is an all female, Black Economic Enterprise (BEE) / Affirmative Business Enterprise (ABE) offering a full range of environmental, sustainability and risk management services. Chand also specialises in public participation processes, which effectively engages stakeholders in statutory environmental processes. The company also offers conflict resolution services required for controversial development proposals.

Chand has been successfully operating for 16 years, and has worked around Cape Town, southern and central Africa. Aside from strategic co-ordination and management of environmental investigations, the company offers services in specialist social, economic, biophysical and legal spheres.

The company is fully knowledgeable on the application of the integrated environmental management principles, international best practice and the interpretation of environmental legislation, as it affects development and conservation.

  • Professional, efficient and cost effective service to clients;
  • Considering a multitude of divergent needs to promote a balance between environment and development ideals;
  • Accountability to the public and to the authorities;
  • Integrating the social, biophysical and economic environments;
  • Appointing appropriate specialists for each assignment to fit the nature of the site, and the services required;
  • Identifying practical solutions to environmental and development issues;
  • Promoting capacity building in environmental processes;
  • Finding synergy on environmental matters within a multi-disciplinary project team, and;
  • Ensuring inclusive consultation and engagement with stakeholders across multi-cultural backgrounds.

Chand is a 100% owned Black Economic Enterprise / Affirmative Business Enterprise.

With the key philosophy of ensuring long term sustainability and thereby minimising risk, Chand has successfully guided clients through the planning/design, construction and operational phases of their business/developments.

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